More than 270 songs on 20 CDs, sung by Ike Moriz & recorded with the best session musicians in South Africa & abroad (wonderfully suited for weddings, ceremonies, receptions, cocktail parties etc.),  can be purchased on CD or online in top quality mp3 format (iTunes, Amazon, Kalahari, & many more). Some of the best of Swing, Latin, Jazz, Easy Listening, Blues, Pop & Rock music the country has to offer.

"Moriz sounds like a star... huge pop arrangements and songs with giant gold hooks." (Amazon UK)

"His rock/indie sound is acoustic and edgy but still made for easy listening!" (Cosmopolitan)

"Upbeat & uplifting, strong vocals & timeless melodies” (The New Age)

"..This cat writes a fine tune. Listen to it when wearing velvet and drinking martinis!" (FHM)

"The rich resonance of his voice makes Michael Buble's seem rather thin... Comparisons with the great Tony Bennett are inevitable, Ike Moriz performing swing is that good!" (FULL CIRCLE MAGAZINE)

“Ike Moriz is a true musician. Only a handful of artists can switch genres as effortlessly as Ike does... I am officially dubbing Ike's voice 'The Crown Jewel of South Africa' ” (IAE Magazine, Atlanta, USA)