What can I say… this was probably THE most perfect weather for a wedding anyone could possibly ask for: A mild breeze from the South, 24.5 degrees, blue skies and a view of the picturesque landscape just outside Wellington at the Kleinevalleij farm. 

The guests started arriving from just before 3pm to the live sounds of some smooth, laid back Swing, Latin and Easy listening classics like 'Come Fly With Me', 'Girl from Ipanema' and 'When I Fall In Love'. 

Thus the mood was set and people began to mingle on the spacious terrace facing the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Well, there were some other sounds too, namely the popping of Champagne corks, the gentle clinking of wine glasses and the chatter of friends and new acquaintances. 


Singing at a wedding always puts me in the unique position of being able to observe things that often go unnoticed by the guests who are usually very busy getting acquainted with people and surroundings. Being an outsider makes it quite interesting for me to witness some of these interactions while figuring out the roles of the key players (i.e. who is the minister/priest, father/mother of the bride/groom, who is a guest and who is a service provider etc.).

At this wedding Patrick Boucher, the minister, was one of the first people I noticed. He looked very excited, determined and ready to engage with everyone in his path - radiating positivity & happiness all around. He's got a great sense of humour and he is very popular at these functions - I've seen him at quite a few ceremonies. Wedding coordinator Hannes Maritz from 'Kraak' events has surely created fantastic weddings together with Patrick in the past.

He led the glowing couple through a beautiful ceremony out on the lawn where the Kleinevalleij staff had set up with white benches and a gazebo. Wedding DJ & sound specialist Mark from 'Dream Wedding DJ's' played Christina Perri's very popular 'A thousand years' and the couple made their way back up to the terrace to the sounds of Pharrell Williams' "HAPPY" to sign their marriage papers indoors. 


I had the pleasure of welcoming them back by singing Nat King Cole's "L.O.V.E." as well as my own composition "To Cape Town". At this point everyone was simply overjoyed by witnessing the happiness of the couple that was positively 'bouncing' past rows of clapping friends. 

Canapes were served (by Laura Truter). The wedding party spread out over the whole terrace and the spacious gardens that had been beautifully decorated (by Themed Creations) and filled effectively with white sofas and other furniture (by Goeters). Musically I decided to keep things interesting with throwing in a couple of upbeat favourites like "Crazy little thing called love", "Hound Dog" and Robbie Williams' "Feel". 

One of the reasons why I love singing at weddings is that musically pretty much anything is possible depending on the mood of the guests, the setting and of course the wishes of the bride and groom (or the coordinators). At this time, all I could see was happy faces no matter what the song. 

I was given free reign and I had a lot of fun mixing quite different styles and creating a very special atmosphere. Some of the guests' favourites were: 'Imagine' (J.Lennon), 'Home' & 'Everything' (Michael Buble), as well as Elvis Presley's 'Peace in the valley', Bowie's 'China Girl' and Sinatra's 'Fly Me To The Moon' & 'Come Dance With Me'. 


When the DJ took over in the early evening, my part of this stunning day with Chanel & Graeme came to an end by having my picture taken with Chanel's mum and her friends. They were discussing who would be the one to take me home with them… Looks like there is a new 'Ike Moriz' fan club in Wellington :) Another day at the office :)

Congratulations to the happy couple: Wishing you many years of joy & laughter together!!

Ike Moriz (www.topweddingsinger.co.za)

P.s.: I noticed the great hairstyle & make-up of the bride and bride's maids. It turned out that they had hired the same hair & make-up artist that my wife had used at our wedding day (Candice Leigh). Small world!! Chanel was wearing an inspired creation by designer Kobus DippenaarWould love to see how all the pictures turned out (Vivid Blue Photography). Among the celebrity wedding guests was top model Brigitte Willers (www.thejogblog.co.za#glasswedding2014

Chanel and Graeme Glass's wedding day! 24.04.2014