TOP WEDDING SINGER IKE MORIZ: LOVE SWINGS - Swing / Jazz / Latin album (Single release date: 24.11.2015  |  Album release date: 05.12.2015 )

After releasing 15 albums this millennium, widely acclaimed international singer, songwriter and producer Ike Moriz set out to create new standards for the swing genre culminating in this brandnew 13-track swing/jazz/latin album entitled "Love Swings". The opening song "Feels Like France" sets the tone with a swinging, upbeat and melodic love story written by Moriz who demonstrated his love for the French language on his 2011 album 'C'est Si Bon'. When UK singer Robbie Williams explored the American songbook, he called it "Swing when you're winning". Moriz takes it to a different level by composing the title song and first single "Love Swings" (iTunes release date: 24.11.15): When love enters into our lives, winning or losing becomes irrelevant. Love simply swings and raises our vibration to magical heights. And that's exactly what these songs do: They swing with love! 

"Petite Madelaine", a swinging bossa (with Cape Town musician Jeremy Olivier on jazz guitar) inspired by Patrick Süskind's "Perfume", plays with the love for certain smells, and how a simple scent can trigger a world of emotions or memories. Quincy Jones' "On Days Like These" has a beautifully minimalist latin feel and allows South Africa's saxophone legend Willie van Zyl to shine. The song first became famous as the soundtrack to the 1960s movie classic "The Italian Job". Ike's interpretation of this timeless gem will make you want to watch the film once again. 

Moriz's song "Sofia" is dedicated to his youngest daughter Sofia Marie. They say that becoming a parent changes everything and that nobody can even begin to explain the love for one's own child. Perhaps this song can. "Fly Me To The Moon", one of the most loved love songs of all time, written by Bart Howard, is arranged as an intimate piano and voice waltz giving Ike's smooth vocals the space to draw the listener deeper into his musical world. His creation "Tuscany" is an invitation in song to visit this beautiful part of Italy that has inspired artists all over the world time and time again. Listen out for van Zyl's clarinet solo- it might just start another renaissance.

Moriz did his music degrees not only in South Africa but also in Holland and Germany. During this time he also studied acting and was particularly fascinated by German writer Bertold Brecht's play 'The Three Penny Opera'. It lead to Moriz recording an interpretation of "Mack The Knife" with a fresh and upbeat latin feel. One of South Africa's most renowned drummers, Kevin Gibson, not only played drums on this track but also added percussion that will make you rush to the dance floor. Also listen out for Amanda Tiffin's incredible piano work on this tune and throughout this album. South Africa - and Cape Town in particular - has a rich wealth of amazing musical talent. 

"A Billion Worlds" is another composition by Moriz that sounds like it could instantly become a new jazz standard. The song circles around a philosophical idea of there being as many worlds as there are conscious beings on this planet. Frank Sinatra is probably best known for his rendition of Dean Kay & Kelly Gordon's "That's Life". Moriz recorded it here with voice and piano only and with a deep bluesy atmosphere reminiscent of his 2014 blues album 'At Last'. The whole band is showing off its talent on Ike's catchy & melodic ballad "Light of Love" which could easily have been the title track. It has it all: Ike's versatile vocals, a stunning sax solo, a shimmering piano and a tight swinging rhythm section of note (Wesley Rustin on double bass). 

The album ends with 2 timeless classics that will leave you asking for more: The Righteous Brother's hit "Unchained Melody" and Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler's much loved gem "I've got the world on a String". Sinatra would have been proud. 

Track list:

1. Feels Like France (Moriz)

2. Love Swings (Moriz)

3. Petite Madeleine (Moriz)

4. On Days Like These*

5. Sofia (Moriz)

6. Fly Me To The Moon*

7. Tuscany (Moriz)

8. Mack The Knife**

9. A Billion Worlds (Moriz)

10. That's Life*

11. Light Of Love (Moriz)

12. Unchained Melody*

13. I've Got The World On A String*

©℗ 2015 Eike Moriz. Mosquito Records London; All songs are copyright control. The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Eike Moriz or by the songwriters mentioned below. All songs written & produced by Eike Moriz, except track(4)* written by Quincy Jones and Don Black, track(6)* by Bart Howard, track(8)* by Kurt Weill & Berthold Brecht, track(10)* by Dean Kay & Kelly Gordon, track(12)* by Alex North & Hy Zaret and track (13)* by Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler. All rights reserved. Made in South Africa. Recorded and mastered in Cape Town at Paris Studios, Fishoek. Mixed, mastered & engineered by Paris Zannos.

Musicians on the album: 

Vocals, arrangement: Ike Moriz; Piano (track 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8**, 9 & 11): Amanda Tiffin; Piano on tracks marked *: A. Mc Pike; Saxophone & clarinet: Willie van Zyl; Electric guitar: Jeremy Olivier; Double bass: Wesley Rustin; Drums & percussion: Kevin Gibson; Sound engineering, mixing & mastering: Paris Zannos; Producer: Ike Moriz; Cover photography: Lauren Kriedemann ©℗Mosquito Records London 2015; All artwork & design: Ike Moriz; Publishing: Ike Moriz (Mosquito Records London); Sub – Publishing: Sheer Publishing in SA

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