TOP WEDDING SINGER Ike Moriz is on tour in Germany this winter to present his new blues and swing album 'AT LAST' to an international audience. See a front page newspaper article about Ike from 29.6.14 here with a translation attached below:

Bergedorfer Zeitung Ike Moriz 28.06.14a

'A STAR VISIT - Ike Moriz comes to Bergedorf' (page 20). Bergedorf's star of the South African Cape (IKE Moriz: singer is a guest in his home country - concert at Belami coming up) 
It was love at first sight. "During my first visit to South Africa, I fell in love with the country and I knew immediately that I would come back," says Ike Moriz. Meanwhile, the native Bergedorfer has lived in the Cape for nine years. He is a well-known singer and entertainer there. Now the 42-year-old is coming home as a guest. 

After his graduation in Wentorf, Moriz wanted to be a writer or actor. However, following the advice of a singing teacher, he applied to several colleges of music, and got accepted at three. His choice fell on Dresden: "They had already had 20 years of experience with pop music, not just jazz and musicals like at other universities," says Ike Moriz, who passionately devoted himself to Brit-pop. The music was however not understood in eastern Germany, shortly after the fall of the iron curtain. And so he emigrated to London, where he changed his first name from Eike to Ike. 

After he had kept afloat financially doing some odd jobs, he met the producer of George Michael - which for Ike Moriz was the beginning of his career. In South Africa, his first single, "Fall Into The Sun" shot straight to number 1 on the charts. 

After Brit-pop and rock, he soon included jazz in his repertoire: A decision that made Ike Moriz climb up the career ladder. "This totally rocked. After all, Cape Town is the 'African capital of jazz,'" says the 42-year-old. Whether cover versions of old masters like Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra, Latin songs, jazzy Christmas song adaptions or his own original compositions - the Bergedorfer now has 14 albums under his belt. He has dedicated his latest single "To Cape Town" to his home of choice. 

There he met his wife Madri, he is the proud father of five year-old, adopted Kateline and the little Sofia-Marie, who was born in 2013. But he misses his parents, owners of the jewellery store in Bergedorf Castle Street, and his sister very much. "That's why we will stay for four weeks this time, so that we'll be able to spend lots of time together," he says. 

-> Ike Moriz performs on July 6, when the shops are open on Sunday (Bergedorf Castle Street 16, time to be confirmed). On July 10, 20:30 o'clock, he is at the Belami (Holtenklinker Road 26).

Another article from Germany:

Bille Wochenblatt, Franziska Klotz, Hamburg, Germany, 02.07.2014 

Bille Wochenblatt Bergedorf Ike Moriz 2014

Sofia Marie has the first cold of her life. No wonder, after all, she had a long journey: Together with her parents, the musician Ike Moriz and Madri Moriz, they traveled 24 hours. That's how long it can take if you fly from Cape Town via Johannesburg and Amsterdam to Hamburg. Now they've arrived in Bergedorf - Sofia's first visit to her grandparents who own a jewellery store in Bergedorf Castle Street. However, the timing is no coincidence, because on Sunday 6th July, all the shops are open in Bergedorf (it is the Bergedorfer Sommerfest).

 "Sure thing, I will sing at the festival in Castle Street," says Ike Moriz. At about 1pm he plays open air, outside the store of his parents - giving some samples of his new album 'AT LAST'. "My 14th CD is very blues-oriented," says the 42-year-old, who has long made a name for himself in South Africa as a well-known Brit-pop and Jazz musician. "Jazz has totally exploded in my home of choice: Cape Town," says the Bergedorfer singer. "After all, Cape Town is considered the African capital of jazz." Now he has dug up old Elvis hits, and his latest single is called "To Cape Town". 

Bille Wochenblatt 2014

Ike Moriz and his family will remain in Bergedorf for a few more weeks to enjoy their time with their grandparents. Certainly, the fans from Bergedorf will also get something out of this: On 10th July, Ike Moriz plays at the BeLaMi, 26 Holtenklinker road. And on 13th July, Ike sings at "Weinland Waterfront", Große Elbstraße 146. "Let's see what else comes up. It's been a while since I spent so many weeks in Hamburg. It may well be that the the occasional appearance will be added to the tour."